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Project pages with Mystic integration

Amy Rose requested to merge project-pages-static into staging

This MR implements the new feature of project pages on the site, pulling data from Mystic to display information and metrics. Includes a searchable and filterable grid of projects to browse through.


  • finalize real project information (@me1) (resolve all NOLSKI-PLACEHOLDERs)
  • validate that searching and filtering works with finalized project information
  • replace Lorem Ipsum paragraph on the projects grid page
  • change API URL to use production Mystic (ideally configurable or auto-switching?)
  • finalize project grid styles
  • finalize resource list styles (for now)
  • replace experimental aspect-ratio CSS style with something currently standard
  • get feedback from designers
  • complete any remaining TODOs in the code (excluding navigation TODOs)
  • extinguish any inevitable fires (Mystic embeds on Firefox fixed)


  • get projects created on Mystic (@me1)


  • the old fellows table with names and projects has been removed
  • compatibility with GitHub Pages has been restored (in theory)
    • front matter can no longer use templating again, any features that depended on it have been removed
  • the member grid components have been unified into a single component with different "modes"
  • the fellows data has been expanded with new information and fellows headshots have been added
  • a new component, the checkbox dropdown, has been added and is agnostic to the projects features and JS entirely
  • a new component, the faculty info block, has been added for showing faculty info in RIT style
  • the summit page has been removed, but its navigation link has been left intact for redirect to the new page
  • the site will default to using the live Mystic URL for the projects API, but can use local Mystic instance by setting JEKYLL_ENV=local_mystic as an environment variable
Edited by Amy Rose

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