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Prioritized Labels

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  • oscom-review
    IPR review complete and this project is now under consideratoin by OSCom
    Joshua Gay / project-status
  • needs-love
    This project is stalled because it needs support from staff, IEEE SA governance, or additional developers to be owner/maintainer. <3
    Joshua Gay / project-status
  • Inquiry
    An initial inquiry has been recieved and we should be scheduling an initial IPR review and/or meeting with this project
    Joshua Gay / project-status
  • IPR-review-underway
    An initial meeting was had and we are performing an IPR review in order to recommend a license and/or additional recommendation
    Joshua Gay / project-status
  • Other Labels

  • approved
    This project has been approved by OSCon but not yet done an Official IEEE Open Source Release
    Joshua Gay / project-status
  • peer-review
    A request to conduct a peer review has been made and this project is currently awaiting for peer review to be completed or have request withdrawn
    Joshua Gay / project-status
  • released
    This is an approved and active project that has been released into the wild!
    Joshua Gay / project-status
  • retired
    This project has been retired and archived
    Joshua Gay / project-status