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This is the release of version 1.4 of ieee-2791-schema as referenced by IEEE Std 2791™-2020

Version 1.4 of ieee-2791-schema corresponds with the official publication of IEEE Std 2791™-2020. This project as well as this specific version are referenced (normatively or informatively) by IEEE Std 2791™-2020.

2791object.json, description_domain.json, error_domain.json, execution_domain.json, io_domain.json, parametric_domain.json, provenance_domain.json, usability_domain.json,

Questions about the project should be directed toward the ieee-2791-schema project itself.

For questions relating to the policies and procedures, or if you have any questions or concerns with respect to this project as an IEEE SA Open project, please feel free to contact the IEEE SA Open Community Management Team at