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Editorial changes

Josh Gay requested to merge 1765/crg/1765:main into main

Further changes in the repository resulting from the work of the Comment resolution group.

  • New file PreProcessing_F_BandpassFilter.m
  • New file PreProcessing_F_Resample.m
  • New file PreProcessing_Main_BandpassFilter.m
  • New file PreProcessing_Main_Resample.m
  • Editorial changes in help_file_single_carrier.pdf
  • Editorial changes in p1765_code_structure_singleCarrier_v2021.12.27.pdf (old version v2021.06.28 deleted)
  • Editorial changes in p1765_code_structure_ofdm_v2022.01.13.pdf (old version v2021.06.28 deleted)

Editorial changes in

  • Improvement of source code F_calculateOptimal_TimeDomainAlignment.m
  • Added extra output parameter in function F_Save_Results_TimeDomainAlignment.m

Other Changes:

  • editorial changes in (incorrect titles, English usage, modifying text for better clarity)
  • editorial changes in (missing entries, English usage)
  • editorial changes in (fererence errors, punctuation usage, clarification of text)

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