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Finding the Right Tools: Creating Best Practices for Feature and Tool Evaluation Breakout
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* Julia Longtin
* Todd Higgins
* Tom Gilmour
* Harriet
* Katie Schueths
* Raul Pineda
* Lisa Marie Maginnis
* Sonia Santana
* Melissa
Discuss how we find tools for ourselves. Julia has been writing free and open source tools for about 25 years. When you have been doing this for a long time you tend to throw away some of the things you have been using for a long time. You need to figure out who are the tools going to be used by.
Tom coming from background of LinkedIN and PayPal.
Getting consistency across your partners who will be working with you.
What are the tools that are available that are supported by other teams. Kafka is a message tool as one example that Tom used. It was supported by a team. Look for adatability of a tool.
Raul says you also need to look at your environment constraints. May pick a tool that is not what you want but it meets the functionality better. You do not want to pick a took that has no future. Sustainability is a real issue. Tools need to grow and adapt to to the future. You do not want to add additional technical debt. What are the current contributions and what is the latest contribution. Quick response time from community is something you look at it.
Balancing dance of why you would stay with something that works versus testing a new tool. Julia talked about understanding a tool so well to the point that you may not want to move to a new tool. Ingrained knowledge.
Decision tree on tool evalution can include time invested into learning a new tool. ROI consideration too. Even open source tooling can be expensive. Build versus buy evaluation. There are maintenace costs for maintaining tools that are built or developed. Scala on Android for example is something Julia mentioned. Not supported anymore. Raul also mentioned a tool that only ran on Foxpro. The world is moving quite fast. Javascript is still a language we use but the tools we use to use it is changing. For example now jquery now very common.
Tech stack discussion. What does your desktop look like everyday when you start your day. Raul, Julia and Tom discussed their setups.
Evaluation tools for the IEEE SAOPEN platform.
TAG Tool Evaluation Subgroup
Opensource tools that have licenses. How do we approach proprietary software too.
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