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## Open Source Marketing: Foundations for Success
* Beth Hancock
* Emily Brown
* Katie Schueths
* Silona Bonewald
* Charlie Li
* Lisa Marie Maginnis
Where to begin with Marketing?
* Social Media
* Marketing Metrics
* How to Market Open Source
* OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)
* Where do I find them?
* How do I recruit others to help me?
* More clear explanation of SA OPEN
* An IEEE SA OPEN elevator pitch?
Who are our audiences?
Devs - yes and...
IEEE societies
Special Interests
* Can we address these with learning paths? Expanding the tool box?
* Address the trailblazers as a group.
* Address th different Advisory Groups but also personas within the AGs
Create Learning paths:
the beginner
Add Explainer videos.
Ways to connect/make it easier for users to join and collaborate:
* IRC Bridge?
* Email list?
Be Aware that these are barriers to entry:
* Single Sign on
Ways to support TAG:
* Research and design
* Tools submittal process
* Features
* Use cases
* [Production Readiness Checklist]( )
* where does marketing come in
What do they know they need and what do they NOT know they need.
Gitlab setup is confusing. Working to resolve this.
How to name things consistently?
Helping TAG and CAG
Consider a blog about Breaking down the Barriers between open source and marketing.
Authenticity and what Open Source can bring to OS marketing. Contributing / resources not just money.
Do-cracy importance of measurement!
From Charlie:
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