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10:00 AM - 2:30 PM Eastern Time (16:00-20:30 UTC)
**Video conference room link:**<br>
[Main Hall:](
**Main Hall:**
## **Schedule:**
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**Breakout Room 1: Open Source Security** <br>
Protecting your community from vulnerabilities is critical to your project's sustainability. Join us as we identify tools and best practices for open source security.
[Breakout Room 1]( <br>
**Breakout Room 2: Production Readiness: Planning for Success** <br>
Building software for a global audience requires a good plan. Join this discussion to share ideas on what it takes to be ready for when your community grows!
[Breakout Room 2]( <br>
**12:25** Check-in and Debrief <br>
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**Breakout Room 1: Open Source Marketing: Foundations for Success** <br>
Explore how the Marketing Advisory Group on the IEEE SA OPEN platform can create processes and resources to help with project and community success.
[Breakout Room 1](<br>
**Breakout Room 2: Finding the Right Tools: Creating Best Practices for Feature and Tool Evaluation** <br>
What tools do you use in creating, supporting and delivering open source projects? Join us as we develop feature and tool evaluation best practices for the IEEE SA OPEN Community.
[Breakout Room 2]( <br>
**1:50** Return and debrief
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