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# Talking points for friends, advocates, and recruiters of IEEE SA OPEN
These are suggested talking points for asking friends and colleagues to sign up on IEEE SA OPEN, and to join our [overview of the platform]( on Tuesday, May 4th. We greatly appreciate your own dedication to helping IEEE SA OPEN be a great community and a great place to innovate.
We want your message to be in your voice and to emphasize the points that matter to you and your colleagues. Please look over the following points and cite the ones you think will be persuasive.
- The IEEE has been developing standards collaboratively for more than a hundred years. Its standards and educational activities have created the world we live in today, and touch us whenever we step on a train, flip on a lightswitch, or connect to the Internet.
- The IEEE is well-versed in getting people with different interests to work together.
- The IEEE is deeply engaged in humanitarian projects and volunteer run.
- IEEE SA OPEN supports free and open source projects. The platform is created entirely from such software, and all participants share their work without copyright or patent constraints.
- The IEEE has a deep understanding of computer hardware, so the site will be good for open hardware development, as well as open software, research, data, education, and standards.
- At this early stage, participants have an unusually powerful opportunity to define practices and set up a productive community.
- We value many types of contributions, not just source code or technical expertise. We are setting up a system of metrics and badges to celebrate community-building, advocacy, marketing, documentation, and more.
- We are committed to building diversity, equity and inclusion regarding race, gender, nationality, and abilities.
- Our site will use best of breed tools for standard development activities--version control, bug tracking, chat, scheduling, budgeting, and so on--and will bring members of the projects into the process of choosing and implementing these tools.
- Because we are collecting best practices and will eventually write these into standards, IEEE SA OPEN provides opportunities for networking and visibility.
- IEEE SA OPEN helps well-managed teams develop a standard and get it approved, if they have that as a goal.
- Our site will do more than most incubators to educate and guide engineers and programmers who are unfamiliar with modern software development and open source practices. This is particularly valuable for IEEE engineers doing important work out in the world.
- We expect our site to help more projects succeed and to attract more talent to open source projects, which are seeking developers and other contributors. We address these challenges through heightened attention to recruitment, mentoring, promotion of talent, metric and rewards, advocacy, and marketing.
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