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# Production Readiness
* Subgroup for best practices in production readiness
* sustain OS is looking into this
* we want these subgroups to help raise maturity levels ala [](
**Production Readiness Checklist:**
Draft - Production Readiness Checklist
The purpose of this document is to provide a guide for community open source projects using the SAOpen Platform so they can launch successfully. This document is a work in progress and will be taken over by the Production Readiness Subgroup.
* Operations
* Metrics
* Disaster Recovery
* Success Metrics for Users, etc
* Availability
* Testing (so many kinds including UX)
* On-boarding
* Data management
* Identity Management
* Versioning
* Performance
* Documentation
* Customer Support
* Transparency
* customer self support documentation
* Accessability
* [](
* Localization
* Internationization
* languages and translations
* export control
* Security
* Adminstrative
* Communications Plan
* Business Plan
* is this piggyback software or is this addressing a new (hardly addressed) or need/issue
* Design
* Sustainability
* DIAL [](
* [](
* Marketing Use Case
* helps w CI/CD
* Creates Success Stories
* Feedback metrics
What do others view as "production Ready" esp Open Source?
Foundations giving grants looks for:
Vibrant Community
Easy to get changes in
Security been checked?
how often are patches
Is it usable for beginners?
Dedicated Team?
Corporate Influence or Ownership?
Looking through the lens of a maturity model.
What's most costly?
What models are available? Operations
Prioritization around Cost
Other categories
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