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* Writer
* Reviewer
* What access do participants need to carry out their roles?
* Do we need to create workarounds to allow people to take on these roles?
For each of the above roles we need to answer the following questions:
* What do each of these kinds of particpants need to do to carry out their tasks?
* Do we need to create workarounds to allow people to make their contributions?
* What are those?
The Community Badging Group has been working on [some descriptions]( for a couple of these roles. These may be beneficial to us.
Participants have different abilities depending on the access level they have in a particular group or project and on the type of subgroup or project. If a participant is both in a project’s group and the project itself, the highest permission level is used.
Take care when granting permission to the primary group (in the case of IEEE SA OPEN community groups, these are those that start with a three digit number), as those permissions will apply to all subgroups and projects contained in the main group. This also applies to any project contained in a subgroup (including Meetings and About).
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