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### Ideas for Discussion
* Intros 
* Meta organization? 
* What are the basics? 
* Define Purpose of the Technical Advisory Group.
* What is the Vision of the Technical Advisory Group? 
* What should the TAGs goals be for 2021? 
* Roadmap for next year
**Attendees:** Josh Gay, Tom Gilmour, Silona Bonewald, Raul Pineda, Lei Wang, Nikal Parekh, Beth Hancock
Current purpose: The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) creates collateral, processes, and recommendations for the IEEE SA OPEN Platform and incoming groups. We consult with members of communities, leaders in the broader open source world, and existing documentation, while actively involving people who are diverse in race, nationality, gender, and ability."
A sketch of the [Technical Advisory Group Roadmap]( was introduced.
Josh provided us some inspiration from Karl Fogel's book, [Producing Open
"Free software projects rely on technologies that support the selective
capture and integration of information. The more skilled you are at
using these technologies, and at persuading others to use them, the
more successful your project will be."
"Beware of the temptation to over-automate, that is, to automate
things that really require human attention. Technical infrastructure
is important, but what makes a free software project work is care —
and intelligent expression of that care — by the humans involved. The
technical infrastructure is mainly about giving humans easy ways to
apply care."
(Note that free software = open source in the above context.) 
Some excellent questions were posed and discussion begun. We should reopen these in future meetings of the Technical Advisory Group:
* What does a successful onboarding look like?
* How should the platform add and retire tools?
* How do we address scaling issues?
* How could we take advantage of serverless computing?
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