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| Introductions; Approve Agenda | All | 5 mins |
| Review Action Items | Sonia | 5 mins |
| Draft - Project Maturity Model | Tom | 10 mins |
| OpenEd Proposal Feedback | Tom | 5 mins |
| OpenEd Proposal Feedback l | Tom | 5 Mins |
| Platform Update | Lisa | 15 mins |
| Adjourn and Next Meeting Date | Tom | 2 mins |
- [x] Tom Gilmour - Interview Kickstart, TAG Facilitator
- [x] Sonia Santana - Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN, TAG Admin
- [x] Matt Cantu - IEEE SA Open Badging / CHAOSS DEI Badging Initiative
- [x] Joan Woolery - IEEE SA staff
- [x] Katie Schueths - Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN
- [x] Lisa Marie Maginnis - IEEE Contractor
- [x] Raul Pineda - CTO Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN
- [x] Beth Hancock - Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN
- [x] Sarah Wormer- IEEE SA Open Volunteer, Cyber Salukis
- [x] Josh Gay IEEE SA Staff
- [x] Karen Bennet
Meeting Notes:
# Introductions; Approve Agenda
Intros all around including new attendees.
# Review Action Items
- [24 issues on TAG board](
Tom is reviewing prioritization for urgency. This has been determined to be a top level TAG issue board and not all these items pertain to this specific group. Will remove from out review of action items
- [IEEE SA Data Governance Work]( - Josh/Lisa
Josh was going to reach out to Robby about IEEE SA Data Governance. Ask Lisa if Josh left any guidance/update on this item. Send Lisa an e-mail to get update from Josh on this item.
# Draft - Project Maturity Model
[Draft - Project Maturity Model](
Discussion within group about projects. How often to review the model? Matt suggested we need more goals in document. Tom suggested a Mission/Vision area. Josh explained what he hoped for a way for SA OPEN and IEEE to make this work more seamlessly. SA OPEN infrastructure is singular architecture. Additions to the base platform are going to take some evaluation like for example cost.
For example, we could try to offer Big Blue Button to a small cohort of groups, and they could evaluate for six months, and they could come back and give us more feedback. Standards groups generally don’t like their tools to change though.
The draft project maturity model is the community discussion part, the pre-cursor to the discussion of how to add the tool to the platform.
We can continue to discuss perhaps on Mattermost channel.
# OpenEd Proposal Feedback
[Features and Tools For TAG Meeting](
Reviewed the proposal and asked for more feedback from the TAG group. Katie and Beth suggested
Tom should reach out to Martin Dow who has been working Open Learning Academy Platform.
# Platform Update
Lisa gave us an update one platform status and usage numbers.
On track to release version 1.0 with GitLab 14.0 on Sept 23rd.
Usage trends snapshot- Up 12 users. 907 from 895 total at last meeting
Projects up 1 new project. 390 from 389 total at last meeting.
New platform features for next meeting time as a separate agenda item.
# Additional Informational Items for Agenda
Josh gave us an update on an upcoming town hall. No date picked out yet, but there will be a town hall to focus on the platform and tools. A here is how the infra project works. Hope to release the town hall as an open-source project in advance of the town hall. Depends on getting security approval. Road mapping, participation etc.
SA OPEN updates mailing list - Josh will create that list and if you want to be added to the list, e-mail Josh to get on that list. Add “mailing list” in subject line. Josh will work on the town hall and choosing a date. He will work with Silona on choosing the date too.
# Adjourn and Next Meeting Date
Our next meeting date is September 29th, 2021 at 2PM Eastern.
** Meeting Recording:**
This [meeting]( was recorded in BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton supports playback in Chrome and FireFox.
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