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......@@ -17,9 +17,13 @@ Take care when granting permission to the primary group (in the case of IEEE SA
**Permissions in GitLab**
_Guests_ (and anyone with access to the site) can add issues, comment on issues and close issues that they have opened.
_Reporters_ can add and assign issues, as well as change the location of issues on boards. They can also pull code and create merge requests (aka request changes to the content). Until the participant is familiar with the regular practices for contribution, this is the highest level of access that should be granted to a new participant.
_Developers_ can remove files, delete licenses and various other things that could cause difficulties. They must do so via a merge request, so those changes are reversible once noted. A participant should be granted this level of access if they are actively working on the project and familiar with the process.
Great care should be given in granting _Maintainer_ status as this role allows the participant to grant access to the group, enable/disable branch protection, push to protected branches, delete wiki pages, and manage Pages (external static sites). This level of access to a group or subgroup might be granted to a facilitator or other leadership.
_Owner_ status of numbered groups and subgroups is currently restricted to staff participants.
**Changing Participant Role**
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