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* [Meeting Notes Directory](
* [Meeting Information](
## January 20th, 2021 Meeting Notes
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Eastern
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| What | Who | Time |
| ------ | ------ | ------ |
| Introductions | All | 5 minutes |
| Introductions | All | 5 mins |
| Review Agenda | Tom | 5 mins |
| Platform Update | Josh | 5 mins |
| Review Action Item and Agenda Item Boards | Beth | 8 mins |
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* Beth Hancock - Leadingbit
* Silona Bonewald - IEEE SA OPEN
* Katie Schueths - Leadingbit
* Julia Longtin - Wire / ImplicitCAD
* Josh Gay - IEEE AS OPEN
* Tom Gilmour - self
**Action Items: (please submit as ISSUES!)**
* [Wordsmith statement in Team Agreement and add to TAG]( - Tom
* [Link Team Agreement]( to About README. - Beth
* Create [Reporting Guidelines Template]( - Beth
* [Add review of the decision making]( portion to agenda item board "backlog". Language included in Action Item - Tom
**Meeting Notes:**
### Introductions
### Review Agenda
- No additions or concerns.
### Platform Update - Josh
* Working on disaster recovery plan
* Dev/QA/Live Prod(East coast)/Synced Disaster Recovery (West coast)
* Hopefully Pre-Prod will be up next week (wk of Jan 25th)
* Switch over to Prod the next following week (wk of Feb 1st)
### Review Agenda and Action items Boards - Beth
Action Items Board:
Agenda Items Board:
**Decision:** We will use these for now. Please share feedback or ideas. This is a work in progress.
### Discuss Team Agreement
* We start on time and end on time; anyone is welcome to join as they are able.
* We will encourage questions.
* We will encourage multiple perspectives on issues and treat them objectively.
* We will make important decisions as a team.
* We can disagree in the conference room, but commit to the agreed outcome outside the conference room. (<)Needs wordsmithing)
* We value everyone's opinion.
* We will respect everyone's time.
* We will honor our commitments.
* We will record all meetings for those who cannot attend.
* We will help our team members be successful.
* Assume positive intent by team members.
* All processes and documentation are works in progress and can be changed.
* Decisions will be transparent, agreed to in written form, and made in an archived communication channel.
**Decision:** When the minor wordsmithing noted in the action items is complete, this will be added to the GitLab TAG Group and linked to our [About](
Additional Thoughts on Decision Making
* Decision making:
- Decisions are never finalized during meetings because not everyone can attend them; meetings can result in suggestions.
- We have different kinds of decisions that may require different levels of involvement and feedback.
- When "major" decisions need to be made for "outcomes" that have entered the "feedback phase", we notify members of the work group and solicity feedback and facilitate consensus building.
### Proposed Reporting Guidelines - Tom
**Group Name:** This is the name of the subgroup. (Add chat link.)
**Project Name:** Each group may have multiple projects running simultaneously
One or two sentence description of current status, blockages, or new risks.
**Contact Name and Method**:
Bulleted list of accomplishments since that last meeting. One Sentence per line.
**Demo Links:**
If something is completed, show it off! Provide a link to the new feature or documentation that describes the feature.
If you have a problem and need help with something, tell the group what you need to unblock yourself.
**Change in Plan:**
If you are making a big change to your project whether it be delivery date, number of features, technology changes, please highlight it here.
### Discuss Purpose
This item was tabled until the next meeting.
### Adjourn and Next Meeting Date
Our next meeting is Wednesday, February 3rd, at 4pm Eastern.
**Meeting Recording:**
This [meeting]() was recorded in BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton supports playback in Chrome and FireFox.
Awaiting Recording. This meeting was recorded in BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton supports playback in Chrome and FireFox.
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