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* [Meeting Information](
## August 4th, 2021 Meeting Notes
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern
| What | Who | Time |
| ------ | ------ | ------ |
| Introductions; Approve Agenda | All | 5 mins |
| Review Action Items| Tom | 2 mins|
| Platform Update | Lisa | 5 Mins|
| Adjourn and Next Meeting Date | Tom | 2 mins |
* [x] Tom Gilmour - Interview Kickstart, TAG Facilitator
* [x] Sonia Santana - Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN, TAG Admin
* [x] Lisa Marie Maginnis - IEEE SA OPEN contractor
**Meeting Notes:**
# Introductions; Approve Agenda
**Added to Agenda**
Discuss Feature Review Process - Lisa
We have a backlog of feature suggestions that we need to start reviewing as an advisory group. Lisa proposed we begin taking them through the process. Since BBB has been proposed and vetted, we decided to add this topic to the next meeting and decide as an avisory group if we want to recommend BBB be moved to the next phase of our process: Community Approved. From here the IEEE can review the ask and decide whether to proceed.
Starting in September: Set a goal to begin reviewing community asks (1 or 2 per meeting).
**Action Items:**
- Tom will begin reaching out to the community members who put forth requests and ask them to attend and present the ask to the community.
- Lisa will bring up operational questions for BBB (Scale and scope of hosting).
# Platform Update - Lisa Maginnis
- Planninng gitlabs 14 soon, middle august, on track. Will be implemented in 2- 4 weeks.
# Adjourn and Next Meeting Date
Our next meeting date is August 18th, 2021 at 2PM Eastern.
**Meeting Recording:**
This meeting was not recorded.
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