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Updating meeting notes for 9/1 meeting

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| What | Who | Time |
| ------ | ------ | ------ |
| Introductions; Approve Agenda | All | 5 mins|
| Introductions; Approve Agenda | All | 5 mins |
| Review Action Items| Sonia | 5 mins|
| Big Blue Button Evaluation Next Steps | Tom and others | 15 mins|
| Community Handbook Topic Feedback | Beth| 5 mins|
| Open Governance Update | LaVonne | 5 mins|
| Big Blue Button Evaluation Next Steps | Tom and others | 15 min |
| Community Handbook Feedback | Beth| 5 mins|
| Open Data Governance Update| LaVonne | 5 mins|
| Platform Update | Lisa | 5 mins|
| Holiday Dates | Beth | 5 mins |
| Adjourn and Next Meeting Date | Tom | 2 mins |
* [X] Karen Bennet
* [X] Melissa Bingham (she/her) - OS volunteer/ cyber security
* [X] Tom Gilmour - Interview Kickstart, TAG Facilitator
* [X] Beth Hancock - Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN
* [X] Lisa Marie Maginnis - IEEE Contractor
* [X] Raul Pineda -Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN
* [X] LaVonne Reimer - Open Data Governance
* [X] Sonia Santana - Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN, TAG Admin
* [X] Katie Schueths - Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN
# Introductions; Approve Agenda
Intros all around. Approval of agenda items with one addition - item to discuss holiday meeting dates.
# Review Action Items
* [20+ issues on TAG board](
Tom is reviewing prioritization for urgency.
* [IEEE SA Data Governance Work]( - Josh/Lisa
Josh was going to reach out to Robby about IEEE SA Data Governance. Ask Lisa if Josh left any guidance/update on this item
* [Community Handbook Input](
Beth will be presenting on this topic today.
* [Open Data Governance Next Steps](
Let's take a second look at [LaVonne's slides]( and discuss where we would like to go next with this project/subgroup. LaVonne will be presenting on this topic today
**Action Items to Add:**
* Tool evaluation maturity model rubric for next TAG meeting.
* Raul Pineda for Security
* Sonia Santana for Cost Comparisons
* Beth Hancock for - Tool maturity rubric. This is already done.
* Reach out to Open Education group about feedback on their presentation - Tom will take that on after review of notes.
# Big Blue Button Evaluation Next Steps
[Community Evaluation: Big Blue Button](
Discussion about filling in the Community Evaluation rubric on GitLab. Reach out to Raul, Beth, Katie, Sonia. Deliverable would be links to work already done by these members.
What should be prepare for IEEE for smooth approval process?
Once this group is happy with evaluation, we can send it to the IEEE Infra team for their evaluation of BBB. Lisa says maybe this could be done in parallel.
# Community Handbook Feedback
Beth presented on the work for the [Community Handbook for IEEE SA OPEN]( Great start per group discussion. Beth will post to Mattermost Town Square to give Advisory Groups an opportunity to give more feedback.
# Open Data Governance Update
LaVonne presented an update. What is the right name to describe what this is about? LaVonne submitted a paper to IEEE Global Humaitarian Technology Conference and got her proposal accepted. Presentation will occur late October this year. LaVonne is doing a lot of research work on this topic and searching for papers and potential members. First deliverable should be a primer on definitions.
# Platform Update
Lisa updated us on progress on the platform. Tentatively scheduling the 14.0 release for Sept 23rd. Next TAG meeting we will get quick presentation update on new features. Some current user stats on the platform show good consistent growth. Totals - 895 Users and 389 created Projects.
# Dates Around Holidays
Beth presented. Let's move dates around the holidays. Shift about a week to avoid holidays. Attendees decided that the 1st and 15th for December would work. We can bring up on MM town square too.
# Adjourn and Next Meeting Date
Our next meeting date is September 15th, 2021 at 2PM Eastern.
** Meeting Recording:**
This [meeting]( was recorded in BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton supports playback in Chrome and FireFox.
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