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* [Meeting Information](
## August 18th, 2021 Meeting Notes
Please join us for our TAG meeting today, we'll be discussing taking Big Blue Button through the community approval process. See you there!
# Technical Advisory Group Meeting
**Meeting Link:**
August 18th, 2021, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern
| What | Who | Time |
| ------ | ------ | ------ |
| Introductions; Approve Agenda | All | 5 mins |
| Review Action Items| Tom | 2 mins|
| Platform Update | Lisa | 5 Mins|
| Community Evaluation Kick-off (Big Blue Button) | Tom| 15 Mins|
| Adjourn and Next Meeting Date | Tom | 2 mins |
* [x] Tom Gilmour - Interview Kickstart, TAG Facilitator
* [x] Sonia Santana - Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN, TAG Admin
*[X] Silona Bonewald - IEEE SA OPEN
*[X] LaVonne Reimer
*[X] Raul Pineda - Leadingbit Solutions
*[X] Sarah Womer
*[X] Lisa Marie Maginnis
*[X] Josh Gay - IEEE staff
**Meeting Notes:**
# Introductions; Approve Agenda
Approved. No new items
# Review Action Items
Tom reviewed
# Platform Update
Gitlab 14 to be rolled out by the end of the month, could drag into middle of September depending on testing. To provide good timeline by next TAG meeting
# Community Evaluation Kick-off
What information does ieee need to have that we should put in this document?
- Why can't we use existing ieee solutions?
- How do we delegate control? Meeting access?
- Security Review, privacy, policy, legal compliance
- Cost control and access control questions.
- auditing capability - monitoring usage
- automated recording as prevention of misuse.
- Sonia for price comparison
- Emily / Beth on marketing materials to find feature requirements.
Features grid and comparison
- Security sub-group - evaluation : Raul
- OSINT evaluation also
- Community metrics: DIAL - evaluating open source software: Look at dial for open source metrics (activity, number of contributors, adopters, project maturity,
- Action item: Open Source Project Maturity rubric. (Get work done by Katie)
- Less likely to be blocked by other countries. (why?) Globalization / GDPR Compliance
- Countries and Companies that banned Zoom
- action item: review eval document
- Want to check with governance leadership? be part of the process? having their support could be helpful.
- ACTION ITEM - SMDC Committee - OSCOM - Action Item for Silona - Ask Robby about AG Reports?
### Adjourn and Next Meeting Date
Our next meeting date is September 1, 2021 at 2PM Eastern.
**Meeting Recording:** This [meeting]( was recorded in BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton supports playback in Chrome and FireFox.
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