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| Discuss Agenda | Tom | 5 mins |
| Platform Update | Josh | 5 mins |
| Platform Licensing and Dependency Management | Josh | 5 mins |
| Discuss [Team Agreement]( | All | 15 mins |
| Discuss Team Agreement | All | 15 mins |
| Discuss Mission/Vision Statement | All | 15 mins |
| Wrap up and next meeting date | Tom | 5 mins |
**Action Items: (please submit as ISSUES!)**
* Beth Hancock - Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN
* Julia Longtin - Wire(professional) / ImplicitCAD(personal)
* Tom Gilmour - Instructor
* Katie Schueths - Leaadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN
* Lisa Marie Maginnis - IEEE SA OPEN Contractor, Hypatia Helps
* Joshua Gay, IEEE SA staff
**Action Items:** (please submit as ISSUES!)
- Josh will provide [meeting minute templates]( for review.
- Tom will create a draft [Team Agreement]( and discuss with Beth. This will be presented for review at the January 20th meeting.
- Tom and Beth will work to create a [report format]( for meeting presentations
- We will work on Mission/Vision Statement on [Mattermost]( Tom/Beth will [synthesize the discussion on MM into a document]( to present at the next meeting, January 20th.
- Beth will [create action item board]( and review with Tom, and then with group at January 20th meeting.
- Beth will [create agenda item board]( and associated process for use and discuss with Tom. This will also be presented at the January 20th meeting.
**Meeting Notes:**
### Platform Update - Josh and Lisa
* The QA platform should be active soon.
### Platform Licensing and Dependency Management- Josh
* A discussion of concerns was had.
### Discuss Team Agreement - All
- How long will each person speak?
- Reports are highlights + summary of each point. Please have a written report version for the record. This can be brief.
- Items in a typical meeting:
- Intros
- Approve agenda
- Review action items (toward the end - can be a visual review by attendees)
- Wrap up and next meeting announcement
### Discuss Mission/Vision Statement - All
### Wrap up and next meeting date - Tom
* Next Meeting is January 20th, 2021
**Meeting Recording:**
This [meeting]( was recorded in BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton supports playback in Chrome and FireFox.
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