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Please use this project to propose a tool that would be useful to projects in IEEE SA Open. Create an issue in this project, and include in it a file that describes the project. Use the "Attach a file" option to upload your file. Preferably, the file should be in [Markdown]( format. If you want, you can paste the proposal into the Description field as well.
After you submit the issue, technical team members at IEEE SA Open will receive a notification and will read your description. If they determine that the proposed tool will be useful, they will install and deploy it.
The template that follows this text may be useful for your submission. You don't have to use every heading in the template, and you can create your own headings too. But if you follow the template as much as possible, the people evaluating the tool will be able to find the information they need more easily.
## Name
## Purpose
## Summary of your evaluation
## Description
## Pros and cons
## Indications of maturity level
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