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**Tool Evaluation and Open Standards Breakout Room**
Tools Evaluation: Why we need Free Software Standards by Micky Agaric
Description: To encourage adoption by non-technical (organic) people, we will discuss the free software tools that are easiest for people to adopt and how we can all contribute to documentation, workshops and tutorials on free and open source tools available to everyone. Time to start thinking on ways to make the path fun and easy for all! How can technical people conspire with organic people to help everyone make a smooth transition to ethical tools?
Attendees: Micky Agaric, Ronald Tse, Kevin Cole, Matt Snell, Sarah Womer, Ronald Tse, Rose Lejiste
Sonia Santana
Micky gave an introduction to her background and what her current projects are. Micky is also now doing volunteer work for IEEE. Lots of experience with clients and projects helping them getting started with free software tools. Digital Freedom. Cooperative Development. Opensource and free software tools are very good to use. Need to promote them more with everyone.
Introductions from attendees followed.
Ronald Tse with Ribose Open
Matt Snell – Recent University graduate. Project on badges.
Kevin Cole - Long time open source member. 39 years in a University setting.
Rose Lejiste was also part of Black Orlando Tech. Focused on non technical folks.
Sarah Wormer – OSINT Open source intelligence.
Some ideas/goals:
Educating small businesses.
Small business resource centers.
Good idea to reach out to them.
Microsoft - Microsoft Power BI - An Opensource project from Microsoft
Business Analytics tool
Sarah brought up security issues on students learning virtually right now. Zoom etc. We have no way of knowing what data is being collected on them right now. Their data is very insecure with proprietary software and parents don’t know how to navigate the landscape.
Kevin Cole brought up a good project in D.C. area. The techies who are into free open source started "Bread for the City" Food distribution, then it morphed into services for people who did not have access to technology. Allied media conference in Detroit. Community based all the things. Free software. Hosted a “DiscoTech” conference to provide the things and services they needed for themselves.
Ronald Tse talked about the side of implemented software. Opensource software can cost more than proprietary software. A lot of community
building goes on. It depends on the community of course. Open PGP library for example. The encryption library.
Free for all. Everyone with interest can come and all who want to can participate.
Mickey says opensource software where everyone can see the inside is like the when ingredients were listed on packages of food for the first time. Good analogy Micky. Ingredients on recipe are now transparent to everyone.
More transparency is needed. What is being collected on a website when you visit? How do they protect your privacy?
Tools that participants want to recommend:
Scratch is a great programming tool for kids
Tool for tracking on a website for security and privacy:
Lots more listed in Public Chat (below)
Micky offers BBB free chat rooms on Community Bridge and her contact info:
https:/ - BigBlueButton free chat
Public Chat Notes:
[11:04] Welcome to Tool Eval - Micky
[11:08] Sonia Santana : I like that idea Kevin. In honor of Alex Trebek.
[11:10] Sonia Santana : So far good.
[11:13] Sonia Santana : If you don't want to be recorded. Stop sharing your camera view.
[11:16] Sarah Womer : oh and I joined because of Silona 2 and I am honored to be here 2 :)
[11:17] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : +vCard and iCal
[11:18] Ronald Tse : Thanks Kevin! Anyone interested in vCard/iCalendar feel free to contact...
[11:22] Sonia Santana : It's the multiverse.
[11:26] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) :
[11:27] Sarah Womer : what is the tech workers coop URL?
[11:28] Sonia Santana : Tools:
[11:32] Sarah Womer : Thank you
[11:34] Sonia Santana : Rose can you put the name of that tool for analytics?
[11:34] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : Though Microsoft has gotten CONSIDERABLY
better over the years, there's still a lot of mistrust. So, I'm "cautious".
[11:35] Rose Lejiste : Microsoft Power BI
[11:40] Sarah Womer :
[11:42] Rose Lejiste : Sarah - Our local county government got wind of our
small business initiatives and awarded us a grant that will fund our program and
allow us to expand and impact more businesses. We will also be partnering up with
other local small biz resources to collaborate
[11:44] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : People also treat computer viruses as some sort
of naturally occurring phenonmena...
[11:45] Sonia Santana : Then they get scarred for life.
[11:45] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : We also like as a video meeting platform.
Different benefits when compared to BBB, but part of the ecosystem.
[11:45] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) :
[11:48] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : One of the thing about is individual volume
control. For example, when one person is very loud, every participant can adjust the
volume of that loud person to their own individual comfort level.
[11:48] Sarah Womer : Rufus?
[11:49] Rose Lejiste :
[11:49] Sonia Santana : Good to know Kevin. Does it scale up to lots of people? I think
that is one of the reasons we are using BBB.
[11:50] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : Scaling really depends on the server. We've
gotten up to around 40 on a BIG server. But I think BBB is a bit more stable.
[11:51] Sonia Santana : Thank you.
[11:51] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : was considerably easier to install, though.
(I installed our server but had trouble installing BBB.)
[11:52] Sarah Womer : URL for meeting please?
[11:52] Matt Snell : Show and Tell sounds great!
[11:52] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : I ended up not finishing the BBB install,
because served our wee co-op's needs since our meetings are small.
[11:56] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : How many of y'all are on Mastodon –
the FLOSS alternative to Twitter?
[11:57] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) :
[11:57] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) :
[11:57] Micky Metts : - Show and Tell
[11:58] Sarah Womer : Currently not on Mastodon but on my list to play with
[11:59] Sonia Santana : I will also look into it Kevin. Thanks.
[12:02] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : What??? They're watching DAD
browse porn??? ?? Suddenly privacy is relevant!
[12:07] Sonia Santana : You can add features or push open source software
to make it better. That is why community participation is important.
[12:08] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : Absolutely. "This is a consumer device because
you're not a genius and it requires a genius to understand this."
[12:09] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : But "I just want it to work" is okay. Just recognize
that other people say "I just want to know how it works".
[12:09] Matt Snell : Really good point
[12:09] Matt Snell : ^^^^
[12:10] Sonia Santana : It does start at the schools. I really feel for teachers right now.
[12:15] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : Firefox
[12:15] Sarah Womer : Firefox is good
[12:16] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : Let people know what common tools they're already using.
[12:17] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : The GIMP, LibreOffice, Pidgin, ...
[12:17] Sonia Santana : Images
[12:17] Sonia Santana : Kevin put it up already.
[12:18] Matt Snell : Licenses
[12:18] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : Go back to the GNUwin II CD list -- a CD
full of FLOSS alternatives that run on Windows. It was a dead project last time
I looked, but the list was good and may still be out there.
[12:19] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : Inkscape
[12:19] Sarah Womer : Blacklight Markup-
[12:19] Sonia Santana : Thank you Sarah.
[12:20] Sarah Womer : Libre
[12:20] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) :
[12:20] Matt Snell : It's not on a subscription! That's a win for me
[12:21] Matt Snell :
[12:22] Matt Snell : Also - Overload from ongoing education makes me not want to
pick up new learning projects
[12:23] Matt Snell : Blacklight is really cool!!!
[12:23] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : A collection of Free Libre Open Source
Software (FLOSS) for Windows and free culture media assembled for Software
Freedom Day 2014. Software selections include: GCompris, SuperTux, Freecol,
Gimp, Inkscape, Firefox, Thunderbird, QuiteRSS, Hydrogen drum machine, LibreOffice,
ClamWIN, GNUCash, and HomeBank.
[12:24] Matt Snell :
[12:24] Kevin Cole (@ubntourist) : (That previous list is from the Software Freedom
Day 2014 collection of FLOSS Windows software)
[12:25] Sarah Womer :
[12:26] Sarah Womer :
[12:26] Matt Snell : 10,474,764,267 accounts ^^^
[12:26] Matt Snell : whoops
[12:26] Sarah Womer : Not have I been pwned but of related use
[12:26] Sarah Womer : for Virustotal
[12:27] Rose Lejiste : This has been a great conversation. Thank you for the list of
free software. If anyone wants to connect with me, feel free to connect
with me at . Thank you and have an awesome day!
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