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Update - Add Feature Request text - Need issue template and to add link to issue template

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# Feature Requests # Feature Requests
Future home of the Feature Request process for IEEE SA OPEN Platform. ## Step 1: Check for an existing request
Our community is full of people with great ideas! Someone else may have already proposed a feature that would help to smooth your path. Please check through the [issue board]( to see if someone has already added a request to the board. You can use the search bar at the top of the screen. If you find what you’re looking for, please vote by adding a thumbs up to the issue. You can also comment to add refinements or offer insights. If you would like to track progress on the issue, please switch on Notifications at the bottom of the righthand menu to receive updates when there is new discussion about or changes to the issue.
## Step 2: Describe the feature
If you haven’t already thought through all the details of your feature, you might want to sketch out your idea before you start to fill out your feature request. Please explain why the feature would be useful and how it might be implemented. We have a broad variety of types of open projects, including software, hardware, libraries, data and others, so please assume the reader knows very little about your situation when describing the feature.
The following list includes the things we include in our template and you should consider including in your request:
* What problem are you trying to solve for the community?
* Why do you feel this is important for the community?
* What are the consequences of *not* implementing this feature?
* Are you aware of any existing solutions that currently provide this functionality?
* What kind of tests/metrics would tell us we were successful?
* Is there anything else you would like us to know about your request?
Add other items you might have: sample code or user-interface mockups are always appreciated.
## Step 3: Submit your request
[New issue link]
## Bonus!
After you’ve submitted your feature request, please feel free to share the link to the issue with other participants to have them upvote the request. We use our community’s feedback to prioritize the work of our engineering team and when reaching out to other participants who might want to contribute to the IEEE SA OPEN Community.
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