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# Team Agreement
**Purpose:** To facilitate open, transparent and informative discussions that help us resolve issues and make important decisions as a team.
This agreement may be changed by the team at any time.
**Adopted:** January 2021
* We start on time and end on time; anyone is welcome to join as they are able.
* We will encourage questions.
* We will encourage multiple perspectives on issues and treat them objectively.
* Open debate and disagreement are encouraged in our meetings, but once a decision is made all members of the team agree to commit to and support that decision, or at a minimum, avoid actions that could be construed as undermining, or impeding execution of a decision.
* We will make important decisions as a team.
* We value everyone's opinion.
* We will respect everyone's time.
* We will honor our commitments.
* We will record all meetings for those who cannot attend.
* We will help our team members be successful.
* Assume positive intent by team members.
* All processes and documentation are works in progress and can be changed.
* Decisions must be transparent, agreed to in written form, and made in an archived communication channel.
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