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## Technology Advisory Group ##
Our group works together to create collateral, processes, and recommendations for the IEEE SA OPEN Platform and incoming projects. We consult with members of our project communities, leaders in the broader open source world, and existing documentation, while actively involving people who are diverse in race, nationality, gender, and ability.
- OS community
- Users
- Developers
- Project Leadership
- Staff
- Partners
- LeadingBit
- Venture
- Philanthropy
- Users of the platform
- Contributors
- Institutional Stakeholders
- Other standards bodies
- To keep teams focused on the things our community needs the most in order to support them.
- To keep stakeholders and each other informed.
- To provide technical tools to help build a healthy and sustainable community.
- To solve the community's problems.
- To support and advise the community on how to maintain healthy open source projects.
- Uncover new opportunities
- To inform each other.
- To promote collaboration.
- To share knowledge with each other and our stakeholders.
- To deliver enterprise tools and services to the open source community.
- To make decisions as a team.
- To provide assistance to each other.
- To facilitate efforts to improve the product, adoption, and community outreach.
- To bring in experts.
## Constraints ##
- Provide tooling that facilitates a fully automated continuous delivery pipeline.
- Provide tooling that promotes communication with team and community.
- Provide tooling that is secure and promotes strong security practices.
- Provide tooling that supports best practices in development.
- Provide support to the groups using the platform.
- Provide education, demos, materials, etc.. on using the platform.
- Provide expertise on developing healthy open source communities.
**Out of scope:**
- Hosting and support of services not related to the in-scope items.
- Non- ieee compliant asks / requests
- Cloud hosting?
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