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# About ## Welcome Note
Welcome to the Technical Advisory Group! Our group works together to create collateral, processes, and recommendations for the IEEE SA OPEN Platform and incoming projects. We consult with members of our project communities, leaders in the broader open source world, and existing documentation, while actively involving people who are diverse in race, nationality, gender, and ability.
## Contact Information
If you'd like to know more about what's going on with the Technical Advisory Group, please join the conversation on our [Mattermost Team]( or join us for our next [Meeting]( We're also actively pursuing the creation of an email list. We're excited to hear your ideas!
## Guides
Getting Started (A link to your
## Meetings
More information about both our upcoming meetings and our past meetings is available.
## Related Groups and Projects
Our current active subgroups are listed below. If you are interested in contributing to the IEEE SA OPEN community in a different way, please reach out ????
[Feature and Tool Evaluation Group](
## Related Files
## Code of Conduct
Please review the [IEEE Code of Conduct](, which governs projects on IEEE SA OPEN. We believe that following this code allows our members to exist more comfortably together.
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