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Working Group Projects

Topics: standards

The following projects are developed and maintained by Standards Working Groups or Standards Committees of the IEEE.

To be added to this list, an IEEE Working Group or Standards Committee can submit a request to the IEEE SA Open Source Committee (OSCom) for use of the platform. Requests are reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year. Inquires about this page can be directed to the IEEE SA Open Source Community Management Team by emailing

Index IEEE SA Open Project IEEE Standards Project IEEE Standards Committee Open Source License
1 370 IEEE 370-2020 - IEEE Standard for Electrical Characterization of Printed Circuit Board and Related Interconnects at Frequencies up to 50GHz. EMC/SDCom - Standards Development Committee BSD 3-Clause
2 1076 - VHDL Packages IEEE 1076-2019 - IEEE Standard for VHDL Language Reference Manual C/DA - Design Automation Apache 2.0
3 2791 - Object Schema IEEE 2791-2020 - IEEE Standard for Bioinformatics Analyses Generated by High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) to Facilitate Communication EMB/Stds Com - Standards Committee BSD 3-Clause
4 1752.1 - Open Mobile Health IEEE 1752.1-2021 - IEEE Standard for Mobile Health Data EMB/Stds Com - Standards Committee Apache 2.0
5 1752.2 - Open Mobile Health P1752.2 Standard for Mobile Health Data: Representation of Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Metabolic Measures EMB/Stds Com - Standards Committee Apache 2.0
6 9274.1.1 - XAPI P9274.1.1 - JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Data Model Format and Representational State Transfer (RESTful) Web Service for Learner Experience Data Tracking and Access C/LT - Learning Technology Apache 2.0
7 P1451.99 - XMPPI P1451.99 - Standard for Harmonization of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices and Systems Joint: IES/IES and SEN/SC-SC Apache 2.0
8 1159.3 - PQDIF P1159.3 - Recommended Practice for Power Quality Data Interchange Format (PQDIF) PE/T&D - Transmission and Distribution Apache 2.0
9 2418.6 - Verifiable Vaccinations P2418.6 - Standard for the Framework of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Use in Healthcare and the Life and Social Sciences EMB/Stds Com - Standards Committee Apache 2.0
10 1765 IEEE P1765 - Recommended Practice for Estimating the Uncertainty in Error Vector Magnitude of Measured Digitally Modulated Signals for Wireless Communications MTT/SCC - Standards Coordinating Committee BSD 3-Clause
11 1484.2 - ILR P1484.2 - Recommended Practice for Integrated Learner Records (ILR) C/LT - Learning Technology Apache 2.0
12 1484.2 - Open Credential Publisher P1484.2 - Recommended Practice for Integrated Learner Records (ILR) C/LT - Learning Technology Apache 2.0
13 Shared Competencies Definitions (scd) P1484.20.3 - IEEE Draft Standard Data Model for Sharable Competency Definitions C/LT - Learning Technology Apache 2.0
14 2145 P2145 - Standard for Framework and Definitions for Blockchain Governance CTS/BSC - Blockchain Standards Committee Apache 2.0
15 7014 P7014 - Standard for Ethical Considerations in Emulated Empathy in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems SSIT/SC - Social Implications of Technology Standards Committee Apache 2.0
16 1872.2 - OWL IEEE P1872.2 - IEEE Standard for Autonomous Robotics (AuR) Ontology RAS/SC - Standing Committee for Standards BSD 3-Clause
17 1735 - Test Vectors P1735 - Recommended Practice for Encryption and Management of Electronic Design Intellectual Property (IP) C/DA - Design Automation Apache 2.0
18 Transformer Thermal Modeling (IEEE C57.91) PC57.91 - Guide for Loading Mineral-Oil-Immersed Transformers and Step-Voltage Regulators PE/TR - Transformers BSD 3-Clause