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Verified Commit a49816d2 authored by Emi Simpson's avatar Emi Simpson
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Automatically redirect from the login page when logged in

parent 5555952b
......@@ -2,12 +2,13 @@ from argon2.exceptions import VerifyMismatchError
from pymysql.err import IntegrityError
from werkzeug.exceptions import abort
from werkzeug.utils import redirect
from mystic.config import get_database
from werkzeug.wrappers.response import Response
from mystic.config import get_auth_module, get_database
from flask.blueprints import Blueprint
from flask.helpers import flash
from flask.templating import render_template
from mystic.database import User
from typing import Optional, Tuple, cast
from typing import Optional, Tuple, Union, cast
from argon2 import PasswordHasher
from pymysql.cursors import Cursor
......@@ -20,7 +21,11 @@ password_hasher = PasswordHasher(memory_cost = 2097152) # 2 GiB
bp = Blueprint("direct_login", __name__, url_prefix="/")
def login() -> str:
def login() -> Union[str, Response]:
db = get_database()
with db.cursor() as c:
if get_auth_module().check_user(c):
return redirect('/')
return render_template("login.html",
login=("Login", "#")
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