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[api] Add missing file that was forgotten in a previous commit

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from dataclasses import dataclass
from flask_saml2.sp.sp import ServiceProvider #type: ignore
from functools import wraps
from typing import Callable, Concatenate, Mapping, Optional, ParamSpec, TypeVar
from mystic.types import Url, UserID
class DictMalformed:
class AuthAttrs:
uidNumber: UserID
The user's university ID (9-digits)
uid: str
The user's RIT username (e.g. xyz1234)
givenName: str
The user's first name (updates from SIS's prefered name field)
sn: str
The user's last name
(I didn't name the SAML fields don't blame me for the weird name)
mail: str
One of the user's email addresses
This is the prefered email address, which might be an,, or a
def from_dict(d: Mapping[str, str]) -> Optional['AuthAttrs']:
Creates an :class:`AuthAttrs` from the attributes returned by RIT's SAML api
A `None` result indicates that one or more fields was missing, or the `uidNumber`
field was malformed
return AuthAttrs(
except KeyError:
return None
except ValueError:
return None
def check_logged_in(provider: ServiceProvider) -> 'AuthAttrs | None | DictMalformed':
Pulls the logged in user's information from the SAML data
Returns `None` if the user isn't logged in
Returns `DictMalformed` if SAML data is present, but wasn't in the expected shape
Otherwise, returns the `AuthAttrs` that describe the user
user_info = provider.get_auth_data_in_session().attributes
attrs = AuthAttrs.from_dict(user_info)
if attrs is not None:
# User data exists and was correctly formed
return attrs
# User data exists but was malformed
return DictMalformed()
except KeyError:
# No session data exists
return None
P = ParamSpec('P')
O = TypeVar('O')
def provide_saml_data(provider: ServiceProvider) -> Callable[[Callable[Concatenate['AuthAttrs | None | DictMalformed', Url, P], O]], Callable[P, O]]:
Decorator which accesses information about the currently logged in user from SAML
The first argument passed is whatever information is available about the logged in
user, if any. For further info, please consult :class:`AuthAttrs`.
The second argument represents the URL that the user should be sent to to begin the
external SAML login flow.
def decorator(func: Callable[Concatenate[AuthAttrs | None | DictMalformed, Url, P], O]) -> Callable[P, O]:
def wrapped(*args: P.args, **kwargs: P.kwargs) -> O:
return func(AuthAttrs.check_logged_in(provider), Url(provider.get_login_url()), *args, **kwargs)
return wrapped
return decorator
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