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Verified Commit 9b1dd329 authored by Emi Simpson's avatar Emi Simpson
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[new arch] Make _fold_sources a tiny bit more generic

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......@@ -7,14 +7,14 @@ from mystic.sources import Source, SOURCE_PROCESSORS
from mystic import queries, outcome
from functools import reduce
from typing import Callable, cast, Collection, List, Mapping, Tuple, TypeAlias
from typing import Callable, cast, Collection, Iterable, List, Mapping, Tuple, TypeAlias
Action: TypeAlias = Callable[[Request], Outcomes | Query[Outcomes, Outcomes]]
AuthedProjectAction: TypeAlias = Callable[[Request, UncheckedPID, UserID], Outcomes | Query[Outcomes, Outcomes]]
force_login: Tuple[outcome.ForceLogin] = (outcome.ForceLogin(),)
def _fold_sources(sources: List[Source]) -> Mapping[Backend, Collection[Url]]:
def _fold_sources(sources: Iterable[Source]) -> Mapping[Backend, Collection[Url]]:
return reduce(
lambda dict, source:
dict | {
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