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Commit 7b2430a9 authored by James C. De Ricco's avatar James C. De Ricco
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mapProjectAssets.test: mock fitWorld for Map child LWC

The Map LWC is a child of MapProjectAssets LWC.
Since we updated the Map LWC to call fitWorld() by
default, we need to add a mock function in the
mock Leaflet map object here.
parent 47c06d34
......@@ -53,7 +53,8 @@ describe('c-map-project-assets', () => {
latLng: jest.fn(),
map: jest.fn(() => ({
type: 'map',
fitBounds: fitBounds
fitBounds: fitBounds,
fitWorld: jest.fn()
marker: jest.fn(),
tileLayer: jest.fn(() => ({
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