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###### Copyright (C) 2020 IEEE-Ottawa SIGHT
###### CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 - Permissive
# This project will be modified to become an UV-light surface desinfectant design
## Directory structure:
* This directory structure is a template, includes this file and sub-directories.
* Each directory may have a file describing its contents
* Each directory may have a **.gitignore** file to identify files not meant to be added to repository
* Directories structure represents activity areas, under which work (source files) is organised. For example:
**[design]** only contains folders and
* [bin] executable, scripts, toolchain/CAD
* [doc] specifications, requirements, references
* [1_model] octave/matlab, c, spreadsheet models
* [2_mech] FreeCAD, SketchUp mechanical design
* [3_elechw] Qucs, Spice, verilog/VHDL models
* [4_pcb] KiCAD, Eagle models
* [5_sw-app] C, Java, PERL, Python software
* [sys-int] System bring-up, integration, verification
* [misc] miscelaneous
**[project]** only contains folders and
* [milestone] project files, budget, risk & issue record
* [legal] license strategy, license template(s) and references
* [compliance] standards, markings and certification information
* [peer-review] release process, templates, reference files
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