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###### Copyright (C) 2020 IEEE-Ottawa SIGHT
###### CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 - Permissive
# This project will be modified to become an UV-light surface desinfectant design
## sub-directories
The design files in the sub-directories show design details of:
* an open source wearable light (headlamp)
* for medical personnel in rural communities
* that lack electricity.
The design features resilience as a way to attain extreme durability and to reduce life cycle impacts. For sustainability, the design uses widely available components and a flexible hardware platform that will be conducive to open source development to enable the use of locally sourced materials and local skilled labour.
The electrical part of the system uses one AA NiMH battery, a 1 Watt LED, and a voltage-boost circuit. This design is available as open source hardware from the IEEE.
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