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Update - Added 2021 05 27 draft Meeting minutes.

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Minutes are subject to OSCom edits and passive approval within two weeks of the meeting if there are no objections. They are for OSCom use only and are not to be copied or quoted for other than Committee business.
## 2021 05 13 Draft Minutes<br>
## 2021 05 27 Draft Minutes<br>
**IEEE Standards Association Open Source Committee (OSCom)**<br>
Draft Meeting Minutes<br>
27 May 2021<br>
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Eastern<p>
Please see [Attendance list]( This meeting was quorate.
1. Introductions and approval of the agenda - Robby <br>
2. ProCom [Feedback]( - Robby <br>
3. Pipeline Review - Josh <br>
3.1 We hope for an update to the pipeline early next week. <br>
4. [Community Manager Report]( - Josh <br>
5. ED Report - Silona <br>
5.1 [March Public Status Deck](<br>
6. Ad Hoc Check-in<br>
7. SMDC MIBA Update - Chuck - A request for Feedback on the CERN 2.0 fmaily of licenses was sent to Entity contacts.
7.1 [Public CERN Feedback]( is also welcome from individuals. <br>
8. Adjourn <br>
## 2021 05 13 Minutes<br>
**IEEE Standards Association Open Source Committee (OSCom)**<br>
Meeting Minutes<br>
13 May 2021<br>
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Eastern<p>
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