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2022-01-20 draft meeting minutes added

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## 2022 01 20 Minutes
* Draft meeting minutes of the IEEE SA Open Source Committee
* Date: 1/20/2022 (10am to 11am EST)
* Location: video conference (via webex)
* Committee chair: Robby Robson
* Josh Gay, IEEE SA staff
* Emily Brown, Leadingbit for IEEE SA OPEN
* Cat Allman, Google
* Robby Robson, Eduworks
* Lei Wang, employed by Futurewei / affiliated with Huawei
* Yvette Ho Sang, employed and affiliated with IEEE
* Don Wright employed by Standards Strategies affiliated with Apple
* Gil Ohana, employed by and affiliated with Cisco Systems, Inc.
* Matteo Sabattini, Ericsson
* Bill Rubin, IEEE SA
* Silona Bonewald, IEEE SA OPEN
* Ola Adekunle, Google LLC
* Chuck Adams, empl Futurewei, affil Huawei
* Stephen Walli, Microsoft
**1. Introductions and approval of the agenda**
* Agenda approved
* Notice and discussion with attendees about an IEEE SA Open conference later this year
**2. Official project proposals**
**2.1 Open Up **
* Josh presentated [Open Up](
* Approved unanimously
**3. Marketing Advisory Group Report **
* Sarah Womer presented a
from the Marketing Advisory Group
* Sarah to meet with MIBA SMDC for more detailed discussion on various
topics including fundraising, events, and social media.
**4. Pipeline Review and Official Project Updates**
* No project's in the pipeline.
* Prospects identified from next nescom agenda.
**5. Community Manager Report**
* Josh presented platform metrics showing continued linear growth of
users and projects.
**6. Executive Director Report**
* Silona Bonewald reports that there is no report this week.
**7. Ad Hoc Check-in**
**7.1 Project Governance Ad Hoc**
Don reports that a doodle poll has been put out.
**7.2 Naming Ad Hoc**
Cat reports that she is awaiting feedback on the document she has
**7.3 OSCom OpsMan Revisions Ad Hoc**
Robby reports that progress has been made on this and that a document
will be shared with OSCom. Awaiting feedback from IEEE staff and IEEE
legal before sharing with OSCom.
**8. Adjourn**
* Meeting adjourned by Robby Robson
## 2022 01 06 Draft Minutes
**IEEE Standards Association Open Source Committee (OSCom)**<br>
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