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Update - Add draft meeting minutes for October 14, 2021....

Update - Add draft meeting minutes for October 14, 2021. Remove draft status from the 2021 09 20 notes.
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......@@ -9,12 +9,38 @@ Minutes are subject to OSCom edits and passive approval within two weeks of the
## 2021 09 20 Draft Minutes<br>
## 2021 10 14 Draft Minutes<br>
**IEEE Standards Association Open Source Committee (OSCom)**<br>
Draft Meeting Minutes<br>
14 October 2021<br>
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Eastern<p>
Please see [Attendance list](
). This meeting was quorate.
1. Introductions and approval of the agenda - Robby
2. Pipeline Review - Josh
2.1 **3D Retail Consortium subgroup:** The growth of 3D digital product creation tools for the apparel industry represents our belated but passionate effort to update our industrial-era methodologies for the digital age. By transitioning physical product development work into a 3D format, we can achieve countless benefits that range from process optimization to reduction of lead times. Beyond these business benefits, we see 3D technology as the engine of a profound shift toward a more sustainable apparel industry. When we work digitally we can reduce waste in the development process, design and sell garments virtually before producing excess inventory, and even begin to dress the virtual world without creating any physical versions at all. In order to kick start this engine, we need help from the open source community to build connectivity between the major 3D design solutions on the market. Major apparel brands and their suppliers will struggle to systematically adopt 3D technology so long as it is cost and time -prohibitive to recreate raw material assets multiple times, for multiple clients, and their disparate digital toolsets. By allowing fabric drape data, aka physics, to flow to any 3D design software, the necessary building blocks for a sustainable and digital apparel industry can be leveraged to their greatest possible extent. We invite you to join representatives from Target, Gap, Unifi3d, Perry Ellis, Hugo Boss, Under Armor, Kalypso, and Ralph Lauren to help us achieve this future for our industry.
3. [Community Manager Report]( - Josh
4. Executive Director Report - Silona
5. Ad Hoc Check-in - Robby
5.1 Project Governance Ad Hoc - Don - Waiting on documentation from Josh
5.2 Naming Ad Hoc - Cat - We will be creating a meeting soon and Cat has received feedback from Silona.
5.3 OSCom OpsMan Revisions Ad Hoc - Robby - Sending meeting invitation soon.
6. Adjourn
## 2021 09 20 Minutes<br>
**IEEE Standards Association Open Source Committee (OSCom)**<br>
Meeting Minutes<br>
20 September 2021<br>
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Eastern<p>
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