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Update - Add Ops Manual link to 2021 04 15 Minutes

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8.2 How to handle new PARs (informational item) OScom provides authorization to a working group (or a standards committee subgroup) to make use of the platform. Generally speaking there is an associated Project Authorization Request (PAR) associated with the WG.<br>
8.3 After a WG has received authorization to use a platform, how does OSCom wish to handle additional PARs assigned to a given WG after the WG has been<br>
8.4 When a standard is being revised what should be the process? <br>
9. Examination of [OSCom Operations Manual] - Robby<br>
9. Examination of [OSCom Operations Manual]( - Robby<br>
9.1 Known issues include appointment of members and terminology<br>
9.2 Potential issues include pilot projects, peer review, new functions (e.g. review of microsites, review of governance documents) - confirm that samples of governance documents are available<br>
9.3 Written Comments: <br>
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