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Update - 2021 07 22 OSCom Minutes

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......@@ -9,12 +9,52 @@ Minutes are subject to OSCom edits and passive approval within two weeks of the
## 2021 07 08 Draft Minutes<br>
## 2021 07 22 Draft Minutes<br>
**IEEE Standards Association Open Source Committee (OSCom)**<br>
Draft Meeting Minutes<br>
22 July 2021<br>
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Eastern<p>
Please see [Attendance list]( This meeting was quorate.
1. Introductions and approval of the agenda - Robby <br>
2. CERN License <br>
2.1 Feedback <br>
2.2 Proposed Responses <br>
2.3 Chuck motioned: The three CERN 2.0 licenses are approved for use on the IEEE SA Open Platform. <br>
2.4 Dennis seconded the motion. <br>
2.5 The motion carried unanimously. <br>
2.5.1 For educational purposes, we should link to CERN’s license information. <br>
2.6 CERN License v1.2 <br>
2.6.1 Don motioned to note that The CERN 1.2 License is deprecated. <br>
2.6.2 Cat seconded the motion. <br>
2.6.3 Unanimously approved. <br>
2.6.4 Robby will inform the CAG and Standards board of this change. <br>
2.6.5 Comments will be responded to in the GitLab board. <br>
2.6.6 Staff will update references to the CERN v1.2 License to note that they are deprecated. <br>
3. Pipeline Review - Lisa <br>
3.1 Lisa was not able to attend. <br>
4. [Community Manager Report]( - Lisa <br>
4.1 Lisa was not able to attend <br>
5. Executive Director Report - Silona <br>
6. Discussion of Multiple Projects under one Working Group - Robby <br>
6.1 Tabled for next meeting <br>
7. Ad Hoc Check-in <br>
8. Adjourn <br>
## 2021 07 08 Minutes<br>
**IEEE Standards Association Open Source Committee (OSCom)**<br>
Meeting Minutes<br>
08 July 2021<br>
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Eastern<p>
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