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Update - Add 2021 04 15 Notes

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Minutes are subject to OSCom edits and passive approval within two weeks of the meeting if there are no objections. They are for OSCom use only and are not to be copied or quoted for other than Committee business.
## 2021 04 01 Draft Minutes<br>
## 2021 04 15 Draft Minutes<br>
**IEEE Standards Association Open Source Committee (OSCom)**<br>
Draft Meeting Minutes<br>
15 April 2021<br>
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Eastern<p>
Please see [Attendance list]( This meeting was quorate.
1. Introductions and approval of the agenda - Robby <br>
1.1 Agenda was approved. <br>
2. 1484.2 <br>
2.1 [Integrated Learner Record Project Proposal]( <br>
2.2 [PAR]( <br>
2.3 [Open Credential Publisher Project Proposal]( <br>
2.4 Discussion occurred. <br>
2.5 Robby declared his affiliation with the group under which the project is organized and recused himself from the vote. <br>
2.6 Don moved to approve both projects. <br>
2.7 Cat seconded the motion. <br>
2.8 Motion carried. Robby abstained from the vote. <br>
3. CERN Feedback - Robby <br>
3.1 Please provide feedback in one of the following two ways: <br>
* [Issue]( <br>
* [Email]( please add the subject 'CERN 2.0 public comment' <br>
3.2 Feedback will be accepted through April 16th. All feedback will be shared publicly.<br>
4. Elect Vice Chair - Robby <br>
4.1 Hong volunteered to serve. <br>
4.2 She was accepted contingent on resolution of a procedural issue. <br>
5. Pipeline Review - Josh <br>
6. [Community Manager Report]( - Josh <br>
7. ED Report - Silona <br>
7.1 Work on Feature and Tool Review Processes <br>
7.2 [May 4th Event]( <br>
8. Use of platform for PARs in which the working group has been granted permission but for a different PAR - Josh<br>
8.1 Standards Board Operations Manual 6.5.1 Project authorization<br>
* Use of the IEEE Open Source Platform for development of Open Source incorporated into an IEEE standard requires approval by the responsible committee of the IEEE SA Board of Governors. If a Standards Committee or Working Group intends to develop Open Source to be incorporated in an IEEE standard, the Standards Committee or Working Group shall indicate this intent to the responsible committee of the IEEE SA Board of Governors.<br>
8.2 How to handle new PARs (informational item) OScom provides authorization to a working group (or a standards committee subgroup) to make use of the platform. Generally speaking there is an associated Project Authorization Request (PAR) associated with the WG.<br>
8.3 After a WG has received authorization to use a platform, how does OSCom wish to handle additional PARs assigned to a given WG after the WG has been<br>
8.4 When a standard is being revised what should be the process? <br>
9. Examination of [OSCom Operations Manual] - Robby<br>
9.1 Known issues include appointment of members and terminology<br>
9.2 Potential issues include pilot projects, peer review, new functions (e.g. review of microsites, review of governance documents) - confirm that samples of governance documents are available<br>
9.3 Written Comments: <br>
* I think "Approving" includes expectation that a project conform to rules imposed, without requirement of close oversight by the OSCom. Matter of narrow or broad interpretation. The comment that every change in text in a project be specifically approved seems way too narrow. <br>
* Governance of OS projects ought to have some approval process, because brand and reputation of IEEE OS platform will likely be affected. <br>
10. Adjourn<br>
## 2021 04 01 Minutes<br>
**IEEE Standards Association Open Source Committee (OSCom)**<br>
Meeting Minutes<br>
01 April 2021<br>
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Eastern<p>
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