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Initial version of the file explains the CLA 
requirement for contributors, having one or more issue for each 
significant merge request, and the Governance of this project. 
This assumes that no file is also going to be 
included at this time. 
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## How to contribute
***CLA***: Contributors must obtain valid and applicable [CLA](
number from the IEEE. Instructions for submitting a CLA are on the CLA document
itself (please do not share your CLA number with others).
If you wish to make a significant contribution, such as creating a new file
or set of files, then please make sure that all marge requests are associated
with one or more issues. If an issue does not exist, then please create one
that explains the general need, requirement, or problem you wish to solve.
## Governance
This project is developed with oversight by the Open Source Committee
(OSCom) of the IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors. The chair of
OSCom is the Open Source Lead of this project and the Open Source Community
Manager, a member of the IEEE SA Staff, is the maintainer.
OSCom as a whole approves all official releases of the Maintainer's Manual. The
official release of the Maintainer's Manual may or may not package all
assetts associated with this open source project.
OSCom may request that the IEEE SA Open Source Community Manager to create,
modify, or revise this manual with or without specific guidance. As a member
of the IEEE SA staff, the Open Source Community Manager will coordinate
with other staff members and/or consultants when developing/revising the
Maintainer's Manual.
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