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Adds simple readme file example

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The following README file template provides a simple way to comply with our basic governance document for an individual-run project.
The portions of this document that pertain to governance are the following sections:
* Security
* Contributing
* Leadership
* License
The remaining sections provide an outline with the common elements of README file.
## Project Name
Succinctly state what this project does.
## Background
You can put a bit more of an elevator pitch here. Depending on the nature of you project you could then
## - Provide a code snippet showing how to use your project
## - Provide a demo via animated gif or screenshot
alert( 'Hello, world!' );
## Run
Explain how to deploy, configure, install, and/or run your project, and/or show how to use it.
## Security
If your project is of a nature that security flaws may create vulnerabilities for your users, then you should consider
inserting the IEEE SA Open SECURITY policy provided in the OSCom Maintainers Manual.
## Contribute
### CLA
All contributors to this project must submit (or previously submitted) a valid and applicable
[Contributor License Agreement](
### Issue
We request that you follow the GitLab workflow of filing an issue or commenting/contributing to an existing issue.
### Fork and Merge
Once you have submitted an issue, if you wish to make a contribution to this project, please:
1. Fork the project into your personal userspace
2. Create a temporary branch (ideally with a similar subject line as the issue)
3. Develop your code trying to keep it to five or fewer commits (you can merge or squash excessive comments)
4. Create a merge request
## Leadership
Project lead and maintainer: User Name <>
## License
Copyright 2020 Project Name Authors
See the LICENSE file distributed with this work for copyright and
licensing information, the AUTHORS file for a list of copyright
holders, and the CONTRIBUTORS file for the list of contributors.
SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause
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