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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Contributing is described from the following three points of view:
- [Issues and bug reports](#issues-and-bug-reports)
- [How to contribute](#how-to-contribute)
- [Formatting guidelines](#formatting-guidelines)
- [Decision Making and Governance](#decision-making-and-governance)
## Issues and bug reports
If you believe that you have found a _bug or error_, we would like to know about it!
......@@ -44,3 +45,57 @@ We have adopted the [GitLab flavoured MarkDown](
- Be thorough.
- Use simple gramatical constructs.
## Decision making and Governance
Governance is the framework adopted by the project members to reflect how we will interact with each other and how we will make decisions. When deciding on the model of governance to adopt, we looked at the six elements suggested by [Kimberly McClintock as available from Infoworld](
| Elements | Description | Date reviewed | Date adopted |
|[Policies](#policies) | What is acceptable and what is not acceptable | (planned) Jun 30, 2020 | TBD |
|[Inventory](#inventory) | List of availale resources and key decision | (planned) Jun 30, 2020 | TBD |
|[Managing](#managing) | How we plan to follow and enforce governance policies | (planned) Jun 30, 2020 | TBD |
|[Auditing](#auditing) | How we plan to monitor the respect of governance policies | (planned) Jun 30, 2020 | TBD |
|[Reporting](#reporting) | How we plan to communicate progress/status on governance | (planned) Jun 30, 2020 | TBD |
### Policies
We adhere to [IEEE's code of conduct](, we count on you to follow it in all your interactions within the project:
1. Be respectful of others
2. Treat people fairly
3. Avoid injuring others, their property, reputation or employment
4. Refrain from retaliation
5. Comply with applicable laws in all countries where IEEE does business and with the IEEE policies and procedures
Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior shall be reported to [](
Reports of violations, or concerns regarding potential violations, of IEEE Policies or the IEEE Code of Conduct can be filed anonymously through EthicsPoint at +1 (888) 359-6323 or by [submitting an online report](
For question regarding _Publication_ guidelines and policies on all aspects of IEEE intellectual property rights for authors, readers, researchers, and volunteers check the [IEEE Publications IPR]( webpage.
For question regarding _Standards_ guidelines and policies for contributions-to or use-of IEEE intellectual property rights in Standards check the [IEEE Standards IPR]( webpage.
### Inventory
This project will not create a hardware or software design, and for that reason and inventory of open source is not required. But proper attribution to copyrighted, free and open source and standards shall be followed for the purpose of:
* enforce our open source policies
* establish a baseline for ongoing auditing efforts
* plan for support
* manage risk
* prepare to distribute, divest, or publish findings
* comply with internal policies
* comply with regulations
* comply with open source licenses
* manage intellectual property issues
### Managing
Management of features, issues and improvements will be done through the [issue tracker]( There are three common decision making structures associated with self-governed open source projects according to [Dries Buytaert, InfoWorld](
* Benevolent Dictator For Life (Hierarchical): one person (project initiator or lead) has final say on all major project decisions; often, only this person commits code and appoints maintainers. The project's community contributes and reviews patches.
* Meritocracy (Majority rule from decision-makers): active project contributors (those who demonstrate “merit”) are given a formal decision making role and decisions are usually made based on pure voting consensus. Contributions can only be made by individuals representing themselves, not by a company. All Responsibility is shared by community.
* Liberal contribution (Concensus): those doing the most (current) work are recognised as most influential. Major project decisions are made based on a consensus rather than pure vote, and include as many community perspectives as possible.
For this project, the BDFL model was adopted. @alfredo.herrera will be teh only one making commits, but contributions to specific topics will be assigned to indivbidual members of the committee who will provide a target date for completion of the task and self-direct the work.
### Auditing
Auditing will be done on regular conference calls.
### Reporting
Following the regular conference call. A short summary will be posted in the [Minutes]( directory with details recorded and tracked using issues.
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