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**Call for Participation:** Open Source Peer Review
### ========== BEGINNING ==========
The [IEEE-SA Open Source program's]( Open Source Committee (OSCom) has created an ad-hoc committee to define Peer-Review in the context of Open-Source designs that may or may not be included in a standard (Note: the scope does not include open standards).
This Open-Source Peer-Review ad-hoc committee shall propose and recommend:
- Definitions of Peer Review services that may be offered under the IEEE-SA program
- Processes needed to implement these services
- Language for the Maintainers Manual concerning Open-Source Peer-Review
- How reviewers should be vetted, acknowledged and recognized (e.g. using persistent digital identifier like ORCID iD)
**Request for participation**
The Open-Source Peer-Review ad-hoc committee is looking for volunteers that are knowledgeable on publication peer-review (e.g. IEEE's Xplore or conferences) or product release management; knowledge of open source is not required but it will be considered an asset. The contributions expected from participants include, but are not limited to:
- insight of peer-review of designs in the context of the IEEE technical society they represent.
- insight on how to establish a list of reviewers with expertise on the technical area specific to the IEEE society they represent
- interest in broadening participation and adoption in an Open-Source Peer-Review service from IEEE
- Broadening participation of IEEE Societies into the review of open source projects.
- The processes to review and certificate open source projects under IEEE technical standards.
**Timeline and time commitment**
The work of the Open-Source Peer-Review ad-hoc committee shall be completed in the 2020 calendar year. The initial timeline asked for an initial deliverable in the first-half of the year, but circumstances beyond our control have compressed the schedule.
The initial time commitment, in the short-term, requires participation in bi-weekly web conference calls, usually 1 hour long. Action items from these calls may require a few hours of work between calls, but nothing requiring the equivalent of days of work: time commitment is expected to be light to moderate.
Most of the work is expected to be done remotely with most communications being asynchronous (email, group chat, on-line repository, Google docs, etc)
**Additional information**
Please contact the Open-Source Peer-Review ad-hoc committee chair via email for further information or to inquire about joining: [](
### ========== END ==========
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