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[Alfredo Herrera](, [Emilio Velis](, _(RSVP) [Martin Haeuer](, [Stefano Zacchiroli](, [Tobias Wenzel](
#### 1. Follow-up current issues:
Brainstorming on initial to-do list and self-assignment of tasks based on the **"Details"** section in [](
> - Definition of peer review services (description, purpose/objective , availability and applicability limitations, limitations on expectations)
> - Procedures for requesting peer review services
> - Processes for IEEE-SA to implement peer review services
> - Language about the peer review services for the [IEEE-SA Open Source Maintainers Manual](
> - How peer reviewers should be acknowledged and recognized
The committee decided to work collaboratively by drafting initial documents in the [Committee's Google Drive]( Tasks were distributed as follows:
| Task (Issue URL) | Assignee | Deadline |
Updates directly on issue,
| Task (Issue URL) | Assignee | Projected Deadline | Actual
|[Service definition]( | @zack | TBD |
|[Request procedure]( | @zack, @emilio.velis | TBD |
......@@ -47,5 +39,5 @@ These meeting minutes mark the beginning of use of the Issues functionality in t
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