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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Updates directly on issue,
|[Maintainer Manual language]( | @alfredo.herrera | TBD | TBD |
| [Call for participation text]]( | @alfredo.herrera | TBD | TBD |
| [Context of Open Source Design at IEEE]]( | @alfredo.herrera | TBD | TBD |
| [Value proposition]]( | @alfredo.herrera | TBD | TBD |
| | @alfredo.herrera | TBD | TBD |
| | @alfredo.herrera | TBD | TBD |
......@@ -20,11 +21,8 @@ Updates directly on issue,
#### 3. General discussion:
Finally, the following topics were discussed:
- **[\[ACTION ITEM\]](** all committee members are asked to help clarify "the context of open source design" at IEEE: what exactly is that context? Linked to publication? Hosting of Open Research? Standards related? Project hosting?
- **[\[ACTION ITEM\]](** there is a need to define the value proposition that peer-review adds to open source designs. One way to describe the value proposition was shared on a [LinkedIn article]( and is added here to spark our discussion:
> if two projects start from the same source files, by submitting one of them to planned review(s) by a group of subject-matter-experts (i.e. peers): it is reasonable to expect that through this process the design would gain a higher level of quality than the project that did not use peer-review.
- **[\[ACTION ITEM\]](url)** TB:
- @zack suggested to clarify the "call for participation" template by adding to the first sentence a description of the new IEEE platform. This has been added to [Issue 20](
- **[\[ACTION ITEM\]](** we discussed the idea of asking IEEE-SA marketing to help us send a "Call for participation" email to all of IEEE; but it was decided to discuss this on our next call
- **[\[ACTION ITEM\]](** it was suggested to remove "design" from first bullet in the **"Request for participation"** section of the "Call for participation" template. Issue was created to allow for discussion prior to change.
......@@ -34,5 +32,5 @@ These meeting minutes mark the beginning of use of the Issues functionality in t
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