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#IEEE OSCom Peer-Review adhoc committee charter
<h1>IEEE OSCom Peer-Review adhoc committee charter</h1>
##Mission and Scope
<h2>Mission and Scope</h2>
Recommend IEEE SA policies and procedures for peer review to OSCom.
The IEEE Board of Governors Open Source Committee Operations Manual, §3.2.4 states:
> “IEEE Open Source Project peer reviewers, who are familiar with an IEEE Open Source Project’s functions, may be invited by the OSCom Community Manager or designee to perform a code review or evaluate the security, usability, performance, or other aspects of a planned release of an Open Source Project that is not an IEEE Open Source Project incorporated into IEEE standards (these IEEE Open Source Projects are reviewed under the Standards Association balloting and Public Review processes of the SASB).”
See also the [SASB Bylaws and Operations Manual]( for additional information related to balloting and public review of standards projects.
The OSCom Peer Review ad hoc subcommittee shall propose and recommend:
* A definition of peer review services offered as part of IEEE SA Open to include:
* The services offered
......@@ -21,13 +21,11 @@ The OSCom Peer Review ad hoc subcommittee shall propose and recommend:
* Language for the Maintainers Manual concerning peer review
* How peer reviewers should be acknowledged, recognized - see [Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) Peer-Review record](
##Committee Composition
<h2>Committee Composition</h2>
Appointed by OSCom Chair. Should include representatives from TAB. Chaired by an OSCom member (Alfredo Herrera).
##Target Dates
<h2>Target Dates</h2>
for ad hoc formation, report, and implementation to be discussed by OSCom.
Periodic updates at OSCom meetings, report to OSCom and the BOG Incubation SMDC, followed by implementation.
This is the Read Me.
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