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### Agenda:
[Alfredo Herrera](, [Emilio Velis](, _(RSVP) [Martin Haeuer](, [Stefano Zacchiroli](, [Tobias Wenzel](
#### 1. Follow-up current issues:
Brainstorming on initial to-do list and self-assignment of tasks based on the **"Details"** section in [](
> - Definition of peer review services (description, purpose/objective , availability and applicability limitations, limitations on expectations)
> - Procedures for requesting peer review services
> - Processes for IEEE-SA to implement peer review services
> - Language about the peer review services for the [IEEE-SA Open Source Maintainers Manual](
> - How peer reviewers should be acknowledged and recognized
The committee decided to work collaboratively by drafting initial documents in the [Committee's Google Drive]( Tasks were distributed as follows:
| Task (Issue URL) | Assignee | Deadline |
|[Service definition]( | @zack | TBD |
|[Request procedure]( | @zack, @emilio.velis | TBD |
|[Reviewer acknowledgement]( | @MakerTobey| TBD |
|[Implementation]( | @alfredo.herrera | TBD |
|[Maintainer Manual language]( | @alfredo.herrera | TBD |
| | @alfredo.herrera | TBD |
#### 2. Call for participation template:
Emails were sent to a few [IEEE Societies and Technical Councils]( for participation in the open source peer review committee. Based on the feedback received, the following items need clarification:
- Clarify why IEEE-SA has established the[Open Source Committee]( instead of assuming it is commonly known.
- Clarify the value of open source for IEEE Societies and Technical Councils
- Clarify the object of peer review for open source on the IEEE platform, and also:
* that there will be a process to request peer review of projects on the IEEE platform
* that service is initially aimed at official IEEE open source projects
* that the open source peer review committee will help establish a list of subject-matter experts to review open source designs
- **[\[ACTION ITEM\]](** all committee members are asked to review [call for participation template]( and to comment and suggest rewording/edits to clarify the text so that it can be sent on behalf or our committee to all of IEEE to recruit new members for our committee.
#### 3. General discussion:
Finally, the following topics were discussed:
- **[\[ACTION ITEM\]](** all committee members are asked to help clarify "the context of open source design" at IEEE: what exactly is that context? Linked to publication? Hosting of Open Research? Standards related? Project hosting?
- **[\[ACTION ITEM\]](** there is a need to define the value proposition that peer-review adds to open source designs. One way to describe the value proposition was shared on a [LinkedIn article]( and is added here to spark our discussion:
> if two projects start from the same source files, by submitting one of them to planned review(s) by a group of subject-matter-experts (i.e. peers): it is reasonable to expect that through this process the design would gain a higher level of quality than the project that did not use peer-review.
- @zack suggested to clarify the "call for participation" template by adding to the first sentence a description of the new IEEE platform. This has been added to [Issue 20](
- **[\[ACTION ITEM\]](** we discussed the idea of asking IEEE-SA marketing to help us send a "Call for participation" email to all of IEEE; but it was decided to discuss this on our next call
- **[\[ACTION ITEM\]](** it was suggested to remove "design" from first bullet in the **"Request for participation"** section of the "Call for participation" template. Issue was created to allow for discussion prior to change.
#### 4. Send minutes with action items, dates and name.
These meeting minutes mark the beginning of use of the Issues functionality in this platform. We will discuss their use on the next call and collect feedback on how to tailor to our needs.
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