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| What | Who | Time |
| ------ | ------ | ------ |
|Intros | All | 5 mins|
|Announcements | All | 5 mins|
|Subgroup Updates | Subgroups/projects | 5 mins|
|[Ways to Contribute Document]( - outreach and recruitment | All | 10 mins|
|Humanitarian recruitment| All | 10 mins|
|Roadmap Workshop for 2022 - AGs| All | 10 mins|
|Proposed Items/Ideas for next meeting | All | 5 mins|
(please add name and affiliation)
[x] Emily Brown - Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN
[x] Beth Hancock - Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN
[x] Piper Wilson - Grazitti Interactive
[x] Katie Schueths - Leadingbit Solutions for IEEE SA OPEN
[x] Sarah Womer - IEEE SA OPEN MAG Facilitator- OSINT subgroup lead
- **Holiday scheduling**
- Thanksgiving week taken off (one meeting this month
- Two meetings in December 2nd and 16th
- **Community Social Hours**
- November 18th from 6-7pm Eastern (moved up one week early)
**Subgroup/projects Updates**
- No updaates at this time
- Social Media
- Assets in review. Emily will follow up when review is complete.
- Events Subgroup
- Workshop in a box
- for groups to easily create event
- Pre event, day of event, and post event logistics
- Suggestions:
- Marketing Engagement Brief checkbox or some sort of file to help with process/people/contacts for MEB
- [**Ways to Contribute template DRAFT**](
- MAG to work on "outreach and recruitment" portion of draft
- **Humanitarian Recruitment**
- Tabled until December meeting
- **Workshop for Roadmap 2022 for AGs**
- Event in development
- One large general session for all AGs to work on "big picture" roadmap
- Individual AG breakout rooms
- Workshop delegation and structure during event (what does this look like)
- how do we leverage each groups input?
- how do we leverage each individuals input?
- Template for groups to share/present info (should we create?)
- NEEDED FROM MAG: to be disclosed soon
- **Update:** We have a date! 2nd week in January, possibly Wednesday (reviewing best times for majority)
- [MAG Ways to Contribute Document]( [Original Document](
- please add suggestions to this [issue]( on how we can help new contributors recognize all the ways they can contribute to MAG
**Proposed Items/Ideas for next meeting**
- Event in a box
- Where should the event in a box live?
- Do we want to move them to each respective group or keep it in one spot?
- Who should maintain it?
- Process for voting on changes
- Process for MEBs
- Visual Assets: Speaker decks "must be approved by MAG"
- Do we want a process for that? or do we need process for that?
- Curating Process- centralized person in each AG to report out branding compliance (Sarah Suggestion)
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