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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Working Group (WG) RoadMap
Phase One
Initial OSINT Working Group Projected Projects
- A Collaborative Living Glossary of Key Terms & Acronyms for the Marketing WG with Metrics & Social Media Leads
- Meta Marketing Concepts
- Cultural Diversity & Inclusion
- Social Media Concepts
- Metrics Concepts
- OSINT Concepts
- A Collaborative Living Marketing & Community Outreach Directory with Metrics, Social Media, Community Engagement, & Cultural Diversity Leads
- Tab 1- IEEE Open Source Clusters and Groups with- online locations, POCs, brief description, and a rating of activity level.
- Tab 2- Organizations & entities that emphasize diversity
- Tab 3- Educational organizations
- Tab 4- Other communities and organizations with Open Source as a primary focus and/or that that have a component that emphasizes Open Source which is not covered in the prior three tabs (later can add other communities for outreach if of interest, For example- the OSINT community, DFIR community, etc.)
- Tab 5- Influendcers
- Tabs 2-4 will include columns for 1. entity name, 2. domain, 3. tele, 4. email, 5. address(es), 6. Twitter, 7. Github, 8. Instagram, 9. FaceBook, 10. Linkedin, 11. Other Social Media Locations, 12. Social Media Basic Metrics (audience size, last time posted, etc.), and 13. Cultural/Mission Statement
- A Collaborative Social Media Platform Index broken down by Global Region & Ranked with Social Media & Metrics Leads
- Brief Description
- Nature (microblog, federated, video, audio, etc.)
- Popularity & Target Audience
- Tier Rating Score (1-3 or O)
- 1 being a priority platform, 2 a good platform, 3 not priority but nice to have
- No presence needed (reserved for platforms that are against the principles of IEE SA Open)
- The creation of an Information Resource Request for Information (RFI) Hub under Marketing that assists the Marketing Group and other IEEE SA Open Members with relevant resources and research with scope of support to be collaboratively defined by IEEE Open Source SA
- A Living Review of IEEE OS projects, papers, and articles that relate to the field of OSINT and Data Aggregation (a brief Google review indicates that there may be approx. 55,000 results related to the subject in IEEE Explore.)
- Assistance in consumer testing and reviews of IEEE SA Open Source Platforms to gauge privacy concerns and/or potential OSINT vulnerabilities that may be exploited by other OSINT practitioners
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