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  1. 12 Oct, 2020 2 commits
    • Lars Asplund's avatar
      Manage testing of error asserts that can't be fully tested. · 6de05e1b
      Lars Asplund authored
      Functions that are expected to fail with an assert of severity *error* are normally tested in in two steps:
      1. Configure the simulator to stop on error and then apply test input to trigger the assert. The simulator is expected to stop on the assert and this premature simulation exit is logged as an error.
      2. Configure the simulator to stop on failure and then apply test input to trigger the assert. The simulator is expected to run to completion and the assert will go undetected. The test is logged as a passing test.
      If the first step fails and the second passes we can conclude that the assert severity level is error. A couple of tests will fail in step 2 because the tested function is not designed to handle a non-stopping assert. Specifically, a few functions
      will run into an integer out of range problem that will force the simulator to stop regardless of its configuration. This commit changes the tests for these functions such that only step 1 is performed. The price for not running step 2
      is that we can't conclude that the assert is of severity error. All we know is that it is of severity error or failure.
      The integer out of range condition was not detected by earlier versions of GHDL which caused step 2 to pass as expected.
    • Lars Asplund's avatar
      Remove illegal attribute prefixes in testbenches. · 724684dc
      Lars Asplund authored
      A number of testbenches contain code on the form
      assert function_call(parameters)'length = 0;
      The purpose is to verify that the function returns a null vector. However, the length attribute can only be applied to array objects and a function call returning an array is not an object but an expression. This is strictly enforced in
      the latest versions of GHDL.
      This commit updates the testbenches violating this rule.
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