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  1. 28 Nov, 2021 3 commits
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      Merge branch '2-supplement-to-reference-b11-missing' into 'master' · 9fa1ab26
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      Resolve "supplement to reference B11 missing"
      Closes #2
      See merge request !4
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      Add new file · 99263370
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      Merge branch '3-bug-in-ieeep370zc2xthru-m' into 'master' · 8a8a44c9
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      Resolve "bug in IEEEP370Zc2xThru.m"
      Closes #3
      See merge request !3
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      Update IEEEP3702xThru.m · 49ddd78c
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      A few bugs were fixed based on Dr Hackl's feedback. When a low starting frequency is available and the frequency step is non-uniform, it resulted in a very large matrix calculation which could lock the code. In this scenario, the number of points for the interpolation is limited to 10,000.
      Dr Hackl also had an application where the maximum available frequency was high enough to achieve one TDR point during construction of the errorbox reflection term. This led to integrating a Z-transform version of the code for very small structures. The specific application for this is on die de-embedding of interconnects. However, it can be useful at low frequencies with a relatively short 2x-thru (< 15mm ).
  3. 22 Apr, 2021 4 commits
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