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Commit d3d3a0d9 authored by Martin Hudlicka's avatar Martin Hudlicka
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function [evm_results_folder,filename,file] = F_UserInputs()
% Select the folder where these programs reside
uiwait(msgbox({'In order for the program to run correctly,'...
'the parent program folder needs to be selected'...
'as the working directory in the next window.'}));
program_folder = uigetdir(pwd,'Select the folder where these programs reside');
% Select a folder to save the EVM results based on user input');
evm_results_folder = uigetdir(pwd,'Select a folder to save EVM calculation results');
% Read in ASCII Baseband Reference Waveform file
disp('The user’s selection will be based on the P1765 Signal Impairment Sets');
disp('defined in Section 6.1 and Annex A of IEEE P1765');
disp('Read in ASCII Baseband Reference Waveform file');
[filename,path] = uigetfile([pwd,'\P1765 Reference Waveforms\Base band\Waveform1f_bb.txt'],'Select the signal text file');
file = fullfile(path,filename);
% Extract the file extension for default filenaming convention
[~,~,ext] = fileparts(filename);
% Enter filename to use for saving results and constellation diagram or
% choose to use the default name (which is same as reference filename)
list = {'DEFAULT filename','CUSTOM filename'};
[filename_choice,~] = listdlg('PromptString',...
'Would you like to set a default or custom filename?',...
if filename_choice == 1
filename = strcat(filename(1:end-length(ext)),'_calc-results');
prompt = {'Enter filename (without extension):'};
dlgtitle = 'Custom filename';
dims = [1 50];
definput = {'evm_results_file'};
response = inputdlg(prompt,dlgtitle,dims,definput);
filename = response{1};
disp(['EVM results will be saved in the following folder: ',evm_results_folder]);
disp(['Filename for the storing the EVM results: ',filename]);
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